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Additional Information

Volunteers can help in a variety of ways, for example fundraising events on our giving days and when we feed our community.

To Volunteer in any aspect and join the family:

All volunteers must register and schedule online prior to volunteering. Click on the sign here button to schedule your volunteer day. If you have not registered before, this is used through google forms and we will get alerted as soon as application is complete. 


  • Determine the size of your group; and give us a notice. Each group member will need to fill out the form.
  • Contact the Community Engagement Department to schedule your group below.
  • Learn more about our organization through our social media pages!

Volunteers with Hours to Track

If you are interested in volunteering and need your hours tracked for another organization (school, workplace, association, etc.), you may with prior approval.

Volunteers with hours to track should bring a timesheet to their volunteer shift to keep track of their hours. The institution requesting your hours should provide you with a timesheet. Crawl, Walk, Run: From Teens to Queens, Inc is unable to verify community service hours for volunteers who do not sign-in and/or sign-out of their volunteer shift or those without a timesheet.

Verification of Service Letters

Once volunteer hours are completed, to have your hours verified and request a letter of completion, you may email our Community Engagement Manager with (1) a copy of your timesheet(s) or (2) gain a complete verification when aware of last day of service.

If you require more information please contact us on the homepage or email:

interested in volunteering?

Please click on the link below where you will be directed to the application to sign up as a volunteer.